Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy in Lathrup Village, MI

Medicaid Accepted Root Canal Dentist in Lathrup Village & Southfield Michigan - root-canalRelieve the Pain without Losing the Tooth with Our Affordable Root Canal Therapy

Out of the possible dental procedures a person could need to undergo in their lifetime, the phrase “root canal” seems to be the one that makes our patients the most fearful.

Although this procedure has strangely earned a bad reputation over the years, our team at Affordable Dental Care is happy to share with you the fact that it’s an extremely helpful treatment that can rescue ailing teeth that would otherwise have had to be extracted. If you or someone in your family has been experiencing severe dental pain, persistent sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, or swelling or tenderness around a certain tooth, contact our office as soon as possible to inquire about this procedure. It might just save your smile!

The Root Canal Process

Of course, you may just be confused over what exactly a “root canal” is. The phrase refers to the inside of your tooth, where nerves and pulp are stored. As your tooth is growing, small canals carry nutrients to this area. Treatment becomes necessary when either a severe case of decay or a sudden injury exposes this vulnerable inner area and allows infection to crawl in and cause mayhem.

Root canal therapy begins with creating an opening in the affected teeth. Then, we clean out the area thoroughly, getting rid of any diseased pulp and bacteria we find and replacing it with a biologically inert substance. We’ll then seal the area to keep out further infection. The final step consists of creating a customized crown to place over the tooth, repairing the damage caused by the decay and restoring full function to your smile. The repair is usually so successful and so solid that most people won’t ever be able to tell you’ve undergone root canal treatment at all!

When facing the possibility of root canal therapy, many patients are eager to know if it will hurt. The answer is a resounding “no!” With the help of our advanced technology and other relaxing methods, such as sedation dentistry, we can administer the treatment in a virtually painless manner. Better yet, the benefits outweigh any negative aspects – root canal therapy has an incredibly high success rate, and many teeth that are treated go on to last a lifetime with proper care!

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