Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials in Lathrup Village, MI

Medicaid Accepted Partial Dentures Dentist in Lathrup Village & Southfield Michigan - denturesThese Tooth Replacement Options Provide Much-Needed Support to Patients at Affordable Dental Care

Although the scope of restorative dentistry has broadened considerably over the last few years and grown to include dental implants and bridges as ideal tooth replacement options, many patients still turn toward the ever-reliable dentures and partials for a number of reasons.

Some like how easy they are to use or prefer the affordability of the appliance when compared to other choices. Others are eager to replace their teeth and are reluctant to wait the several months that dental implants usually require to be completed. Whatever the case is, our team at Affordable Dental Care in Lathrup Village, MI, will always take the time to ensure that we select the treatment option that best fits your unique needs and concerns. Don’t suffer through day after day with a smile that’s missing teeth and a shattered sense of self-confidence – instead, regain your enthusiasm and your oral health with full or partial dentures!

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace either the entire top row, the entire bottom row, or both rows of teeth. Our team will, of course, customize them to fit your features ideally and ensure that you feel completely comfortable before considering the treatment complete. Your new dentures will be held in place with the help of natural suction; dental adhesive can also be used to add some extra stability if needed. They are completely removable, allowing you to easily clean them, as well as sleep more comfortably.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, on the other hand, are an excellent option for patients who would like to retain as many of their natural teeth as possible. It’s shaped like a puzzle piece to fit snugly into the gaps in your smile; each appliance is created specifically to fit a patient’s unique needs. We will attach them to your original teeth with the help of clicks and/or brackets. Partial dentures are similar to bridges, but like full dentures, they are also removable.

If you’ve been struggling with missing teeth, there’s no need to suffer in silence due to fears about money or incompatible insurance plans. At Affordable Dental Care, we do our best to live up to our name by providing all sorts of flexible payment options, as well as accept virtually every insurance provider under the sun. We want you and your family to get the personalized dental care all your smiles need to thrive, and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and discuss each of our tooth replacement options in detail, including dentures and partial dentures. Contact our Lathrup Village, MI office today to schedule an appointment! We also serve the areas of Madison Heights, Birmingham, Southfield, Oak Park, Ferndale, and beyond.