Crowns and Bridges

Crown and Bridge Treatment in Lathrup Village, MI

Medicaid Accepted Dentist for Crowns & Bridges Lathrup Village & Southfield Michigan - dental-crownEnjoy a Whole, Healthy Smile Again with Personalized Services from Affordable Dental Care

Over the years, your smile can suffer a lot of wear and tear, including everything from cracks and chips to tooth loss.

While fillings or bonding agents can often be relied on to correct small flaws or damaged areas caused by decay, some issues can sometimes prove too severe for treatments like these.

That’s where crown and bridge treatment comes in! Here in Lathrup Village, MI, our team can help you regain the oral form and function you’ve been sorely missing with these transformative treatments. At Affordable Dental Care, we don’t turn away patients who are struggling with their finances – instead, we work hard to find a payment method that works for you and your family while still providing you with the vital dental care your smile needs to thrive!


Crowns are often referred to as ‘caps,’ and for good reason – they’re used to effectively cover the top of an injured or severely decayed tooth, protecting it from further damage while also restoring its natural appearance. They’re strong enough to allow you to eat, chew, brush, and floss like normal, too! Our team in Lathrup Village will always take the time to personalize your new crown and make sure it’s a perfect fit, giving your smile the comfortable and revitalized feel it deserves.


Bridges are a tooth replacement option that offers both durability and affordability; it is often considered an ideal treatment option for patients who don’t qualify for dental implants but who would like something more stable than the support dentures and partials offer. If you’ve lost one or more teeth in a row, our team at Affordable Dental Care can cement this lifelike, personalized restoration in place, anchoring it with dental crowns. You will need two or more healthy adjacent teeth to hold your new bridge in place.

You don’t deserve to have to struggle with inconvenient tooth damage or loss – instead, regain a healthy, beautiful smile that’s worth showing off with personalized dental services at Affordable Dental Care! We love welcoming families of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll work to help you find a payment option that fits your financial means without skimping on the quality of care.

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